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Special Welding Rotator Light Turning Roll
This product is applied in the manual welding and automatic welding for metallic tank. It is the necessary for the pressure vessel manufacturing. It has the good character as advanced technology, reliable quality, easy operation and so on.
This tank rotator has two types including self-alignment and adjustable. It can suit for the diffrence diameter tank within the range and achieve the stepless speed adjusting under the setted welding parameter, which has the good character as small noise on the transmission  and steady rotation for the working table.

The Welding Rotator is mainly used for the seam welding of the metallic cylinder. It is the necessary machine to manufacture the pressure vessel and pipe.
Current: Inverter Current
Application: Pipe
Turning Capacity: 1000kg
Max Speed: 1500mm/Min Turning Rolls
Drive Motor: DC22V 120W
HS Code: 84688000
Type: Welding Rotator
Power Input: 1 Phase AC110/220V 50/60Hz
Load Capacity: 1000kg
Diameter Range: 20-70mm
Package: Wooden
Origin: China
Product Specifications
YBHGJ-C Adjustable RollerMaximum Load (kg)Structure TypeWork piece Diameter (mm)Roller Speed (mm/min)Speed Adjustment Type
YBHGJ-2CRadial adjusting2000Master and slavery rollers?300-?2500100-1000Variable frequency
Bolt adjusting
YBHGJ-5CScrew mandrel adjusting5000Master and slavery rollers?250-?2300100-1000Frequency control
YBHGJ-10CScrew mandrel adjusting10000Master and slavery rollers?300-?2800100-1000Frequency control
YBHGJ-20CScrew mandrel adjusting20000Master and slavery rollers?500-?3500100-1000Frequency control
YBHGJ-40CScrew mandrel adjusting40000Master and slavery rollers?600-?4200100-1000Frequency control
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