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1. Product Introduction of the  Shifting Fork Napkin Paper Machine

The napkin paper machine is sound made with good quality and long life span. The final products are napkin paper with color printing and beautiful embossing pattern, which has a wide application and big selling market.
The napkin paper machine is machine for making napkin paper with

2. Product Parameter(Specification)of the  Shifting Fork Napkin Paper Machine
Machine Mode MJN Serial High Speed Shifting Fork Napkin Machine
Unfolding Size 190*190—460*460 mm (also customization available)
Folded size 95*95-230*230mm
Raw paper Size ≤φ1200
Raw paper Core inner dia 75mm Standard(Other size are available)
Embossing Roller end Cots,wool roll
Counting System Electronic Counting
Power 4KW
Dimensions 3200*1000*1800mm
Weight 890KG
Speed 0-200m/min
Use of power Frequency Control ,electromagnetic governor
Transmission 6 Chains

3. Product Feature And Application of the  Shifting Fork Napkin Paper Machine
(1) Automatic long life span pneumatic counting, convenient for packing
(2) Folding place Positioning reliable,unified shaping size
(3) From 190*190-460*460 napkin size at 1/4, 1/6. 1/8 folding
(4) Steel to wool embossing roller or steel to rubber embossing roller
(5) one color printing and double color printing system is available.
4. Production Details of the  Shifting Fork Napkin Paper Machine

5. Product Qualification of the  Shifting Fork Napkin Paper Machine

6. Deliver,Shipping And After-Sale Serving of the  Shifting Fork Napkin Paper Machine发货,

7. FAQ
(1) What is the most popular napkin model for napkin paper machine?
Every country’s market is different, please decide based on your local market. 330*300 is very popular model
(2) Embossing pattern design can be changed based on my need?
Yes, we design embossing pattern based on customer requirement.
(3) Can I add color printing on the napkin?
Yes. One color printing and double color printing system by customer choice.
(4) How is your after-sale service?
Also we provide after-sale service for machine operating manual, operating video and technician installation. Whenever, there is something wrong with the machine, we commit to feedback customer to solve the problem in 1 day.
The seller will, without charge, offer replacement for defective parts which is caused by product quality in one year. Lifelong service is offered with cost charge after one year.
8. Latest News
9. Recommendations
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