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Cold extrusion parts for armature of electrical breaker system
Product introduction:
Material: 10#
Process: extrusion + shaping + preforming + upsetting + cutting + machining
Heat treatment: annealing
Application: Automotive AC regulator parts

Process characteristics:
The product requirement is cold forging, and the machining is only allowed on individual surfaces. The whole product is composed of 3 parts: cone face, square column and big platform surface. The whole structure is complex, and each part is super large deformation. Cold forging common encountered such products, the development cycle is very long, open - - - to adjust and optimize the mold debugging and so on, we simulate the simulation software DEFORM by forging, which require more than 1 months of mold debugging process is greatly shortened to 3-5 days, can be adjusted and the time is greatly shortened. By simulation we can get multiple forging process optimal combination, save manpower and material resources, to ensure the successful submission of the final product, so we have the confidence and ability to complete the design of forging difficult complex parts.

Q:What test equipment does three dimensional big chase have?
A:The current testing equipment of 3D Datong has three coordinate profilometer, projector and spectrometer
Q:What is cold extrusion?
A:Cold extrusion is to put the metal blank in the cold extrusion die cavity. At room temperature, press the fixed punch on the press to make the metal blank produce plastic deformation, and make the processing method of the part.
Q:Can three-dimensional exit by itself?
A:Sure.motor and electric appliances manufacturers

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