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HTB600-L linear actuator is designed for furniture ,nursing or hospital bed. It can be used in various applications that is powerful and very quiet actuator. Motor and gear of HTB600-L are protected by high -strength plastic shell.
Voice: Silent
Long service time
Noise level:45dB(A)
6.  Materials: Aluminum Alloy(Wear and corrosion resistance)

Product Specifications
Voltage                 12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC  48V DC
Standard Stroke         100,150,200,250,300,350,400mm
Maximum thrust          5000N(Pull)  6000N(Push)
unloaded speed          7mm/s(6000N)
Min  Installation Size      Stroke+150mm
Colour                   Black
Safety Certification        CE
Operating Temperature range    -25℃~+65℃
Built-in limit switch (but not adjustable)   

Product Images

The electric comprehensive woman obstetric table is the result of the Times development. The electric comprehensive woman obstetric table has many medical functions for obstetrics and gynecology childbirth, gynecological operation, diagnosis and examination, including emergency Caesarean section. The electric comprehensive woman obstetric table can lift the whole level, the back plate equipped, the backward inclination is controlled by the electric synthesis woman obstetric table posture adjustment mechanism actuation mechanism, the use is convenient. Low noise, stable performance, good use of environment, the back plate using electric integrated women obstetric table attitude adjustment mechanism drive mechanism, arbitrary angle, equipped with hidden activities auxiliary table, to facilitate the operation of doctors and midwifery personnel. The base is fixed and moved by manual control. All housings, sewage basins, are made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, easy to clean. For maternity delivery, the implementation of general obstetric surgery, electric integrated women obstetric table can also be used as outpatient gynecological examination. The driving mechanism of the obstetric table attitude Adjustment mechanism is an important component of the electric synthetic woman obstetric table, and the Obstetric table attitude adjustment function of the electric comprehensive woman is realized through the driving mechanism of the electric synthesis woman obstetric table attitude adjusting mechanism, and the electric putter is a kind of electric driving device which transforms the motor's rotational motion into the push rod. The electric push rod motor drives a pair of screw nut after slowing down the gear. The rotation of the motor into a straight line motion, using the positive and negative motor to complete the putt action. such as through a variety of levers, rocker or connecting rod and other institutions can be completed rotation, shaking and other complex movements. Ningbo FST Electric Putter Design novel exquisite, small size, high precision, complete synchronization, self-locking performance, health, direct Motor drive, do not need the pipeline gas source, oil, electric putter is therefore ideal for the electric integrated women obstetric table attitude Adjustment mechanism drive mechanism! Medical Device Linear Actuators
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